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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This goal of this "FAQ" page is provide answers to questions you might have about DailyLeaderPhotos.com: who we are, what you'll find on this site and everything you need to know to order great-looking prints from our photos. In addition to this page, you can access help provided by SmugMug, our technology partner, via their Help page. And you should always feel free to e-mail us if you have questions!

Who are you?

DailyLeaderPhotos.com is a service of the Madison Daily Leader, a family-owned daily newspaper with an online presence at DailyLeaderExtra.com. Jon Hunter is the Publisher, as was his father Merrill and grandfather George before him.

Why did you create a separate photo site?

We get lots of requests for reprints of photos that appear in the Daily Leader and we wanted to give you a fast, easy way to order reprints. In addition, we want you to have access to more of our photos. You might not realize that most of what our staff shoots never sees the light of day. For example, after shooting a Madison High School basketball tournament game, we may have dozens of great shots, but only a few make it into the Daily Leader or onto DailyLeaderExtra.com. Now you'll have access to all those photos! Unfortunately, there wasn't an easy way to add the features we wanted to our existing website, so we build a separate photo site back in 2008.

Why did you choose SmugMug?

We'd been looking at photo site vendors for the past couple years, and absolutely fell in love with SmugMug when we found them. Great technology, top-notch print quality and terrific customer service. They're "good people" in short, and we can't recommend them highly enough. (In fact, if you're interested in having your own photo site, you should definitely check them out.)

Where do your photos come from?

We're currently making available photos taken by Daily Leader staff members. It's possible that in the future we may make photos from area freelance photographers available. (If you're interested in making your photos available on our site, please e-mail us.)

How are your photos organized?

We've broken photos down into two main categories: Published and Unpublished. If you are looking for a photo that appeared in the Daily Leader, look in the Published gallery for that year, where you'll find them organized by week. The rest of the photos will appear in one of the two "Unpublished" galleries: Unpublished - Sports or in Unpublished - News, where you'll find them organized by school, organization or event. It sounds complicated, but it will make sense once you get into the galleries and start browsing. You can can also search for photos by keyword using the search box at the top of each page.

The photos all have the Madison Daily Leader logo on them. Will that print?

No, it won't. That's called a watermark and it's one of many ways folks using services like SmugMug's try to keep people from stealing photos. Please remember that all the photos on the site are copyrighted and are not to be used for any reason without express written consent.

Why don't "published" photos look exactly like they did in the newspaper when I view them online?

Three reasons: 1) Everything online is in RGB color instead of CMYK color or grayscale; 2) We've done only minor adjustments to the online photos while the printed photos were adjusted specifically to print on newsprint; and 3) We've chosen not to any cropping in order to give you more flexibility when choosing your print size (see below).

What do you mean by "cropping"?

Cropping is the act of cutting out or trimming unneeded portions of an image. Newspapers crop to emphasize a portion of a photo and/or for space reasons. Consumers, however, often crop to fit a specific frame size. If we cropped our photos to match the way they appeared in the newspaper, it would often be impossible for you to crop again to make the size print you want (e.g., 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10"). So we've chosen to upload "uncropped" photos in order to give you as much flexibility as possible. Cropping is done in SmugMug once a photo is in the shopping cart, so you'll need to add a photo to the cart to see how it works. You can see what that looks like and get more information about cropping here. A word of advice from experience: when ordering a print for a frame, be sure to account for the edges of the photo that the frame covers up and don't crop too tight. Last, if you do want a photo cropped exactly as it appeared in the newspaper, just e-mail us.

Why do you do only "modest adjustments" to the photos?

Because of the number of images we put online, it would be far too time consuming to adjust each individually. We therefore do automated "batch processing" of photos to brighten and sharpen them. From there, we rely on SmugMug's outstanding Auto Color technology to produce great-looking prints.

I'm still concerned about quality; what can I expect?

Because we're fanatical about quality, we often use a SmugMug feature called "proof delayed shipping" that allows us to be notified which photos you've ordered so we can take a look at them and tweak them if necessary to make sure they're as good as possible before SmugMug makes prints. And SmugMug is fanatical about quality, too. Their prints are made by a lab called EZprints, which they chose after exhaustive research, and they use all the best processes and materials, including Kodak paper. SmugMug stands behind their work and so do we: if you're not satisfied with your order for any reason, we'll reprint it or refund your money. Just e-mail us and we'll make it right.

How do I order?

Simply find the photo you're looking for and click on the "Buy this photo" link or shopping cart icon above it to add it to your cart. You can even add multiple photos from a gallery by clicking the "Multiple photos" link, then selecting multiple photos. Once your have photos in your cart, you can specify the sizes and finishes you want to order. You can see what that process looks like here. As mentioned above, you also crop photos once they're in the cart.

What can I order?

There's definitely nothing skimpy about our product offering! We offer boat loads of print sizes — up to 30"x40" — in gloss, matte and lustre finishes, plus a bevy of great photo products, including greeting cards, photo mugs, t-shirts and more. To order items other than prints, you'll need to click the Merchandise tab once you're in the shopping cart.

I looked at SmugMug's prices; why are your prices higher?

It's important to understand that you're not buying a 19¢ drugstore print of a photo you shot; you're buying a print of a photo taken by a Daily Leader staffer covering a story. There's a lot of overhead expense in that, from our building to salaries to insurance to camera gear, so we have to charge more. But if you compare our prices to those charged by other newspapers (or professional photographers), we're confident you'll find that our prices are not only fair, they're very low!

Can I buy the actual JPG file so I can make my own prints, or use it online or in a publication?

Yes, you can. We offer digital downloads under two different licensing models, a Personal Rights License for display of the image on personal websites and computers and for making prints for personal use, and a Commercial Rights License to use the image for commercial purposes, such as in a printed brochure or ad or on a commercial website. Once in your shopping cart, click on the Downloads tab to see the options and read the legalese. Please realize that unless you do buy a download, you're not allowed to make copies of the prints you receive or resell or redistribute them.

What about shipping charges?

Economy shipping starts at a low $2.95 for up to 50 5"x7" prints. Express, Second Day and Next Day options are available. You can find our more here.

How long will it take me to receive my order?

There are three factors to take into consideration: 1) Our turnaround time; 2) SmugMug's turnaround time; and 3) the shipping method you choose. SmugMug vows they'll ship prints one or two days after order approval (longer for some gifts and canvas prints). In terms of our turnaround time, because we often use "proof delayed shipping" (see above) in order to provide you with the best prints possible, we may need a day or two to review the photos, update them if necessary, and release your order. To be safe, figure two business days for us and two more for SmugMug, plus shipping time.